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really bad dp today

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so I have really bad dp today, I feel like I'm losing it... I have had this for 3 months now and today is the worst Ive had it EVER. It feels as though I am trapped. I know where I am going but it doesn't feel normal even in my own home. Is this norrmal? I am so disconnected today. I fear that I have dementia but I know everything and have memory loss. I think the hardest thing is that I have forgotten how to feel normal. My brain feels as though its filled nothing. ad throughout the day feel as though this is not me. That I know everyone here but It doesn't feel right. uhhh is so hard to describe. I FEEL LIKE I"M GOING CRAZY. The questions in your head, who am i? where am I? what does it feel like to be normal? I was getting better 2 days ago and now this happened I dont get it, this is the worse dp and dr I have ever had. I fear the I might be getting dementia or VCJD disease because the night that i got dp and dr I had a burger from McDonalds. This CONFUSION IS KILLING ME. away i'm really down right now. If anyone has words of wisdom or has or is experiencing this PLEASE COMMENT!
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Yeah, this is a normal reaction to dpd I guess. I'm still not entirely convinced that I am not going nuts but this is my life! Lol! I try to laugh at it. If you can get a hold of some good comedy that helps me immensely. Forget all the "Why?" and "What?" Even the smartest people in the world can't answer many questions. So thinking about all this stuff is rather a useless thing to do with my time. If I'm around a bath tub, I get in some hot water and relish the dream world. It is not so bad. Feel good. Concentrate on enjoying yourself. Feeling normal isn't all that! Lol, how would I know? But seriously even if we are slowly losing our minds, you aren't alone. Let's enjoy the ride as much as possible. Life IS weird, and tomorrow is another day. Good luck.
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