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really bad dp today

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so I have really bad dp today, I feel like I'm losing it... I have had this for 3 months now and today is the worst Ive had it EVER. It feels as though I am trapped. I know where I am going but it doesn't feel normal even in my own home. Is this norrmal? I am so disconnected today. I fear that I have dementia but I know everything and have memory loss. I think the hardest thing is that I have forgotten how to feel normal. My brain feels as though its filled nothing. ad throughout the day feel as though this is not me. That I know everyone here but It doesn't feel right. uhhh is so hard to describe. I FEEL LIKE I"M GOING CRAZY. The questions in your head, who am i? where am I? what does it feel like to be normal? I was getting better 2 days ago and now this happened I dont get it, this is the worse dp and dr I have ever had. I fear the I might be getting dementia or VCJD disease because the night that i got dp and dr I had a burger from McDonalds. This CONFUSION IS KILLING ME. away i'm really down right now. If anyone has words of wisdom or has or is experiencing this PLEASE COMMENT!
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