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Reality and DR/DP fighting

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Do you ever feel like reality and DR/DP are battling each other.

I feel OK then DR/DP kicks in, and as my thoughts feel like they are getting a bit more normal i try to tell my self its all based in anxiety and i just seems like the DR tries to fight harder.

Maybe i'm just crazy and this post makes no sense
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Not crazy and the post makes perfect sense considering what we deal with. To me it is exactly like a battle. But one day, if things go well, you stop doing battle with it and use all the knowledge you have gained to co-exist with it. And then, if some great something happens, the damn stuff goes away. In the meantime, fight the good fight and work to stay on top of the DR, it can't fight harder than you.

Really. Think about it. :wink:
Really, it can only fight as hard as you "let" it. That is why I made the statement "it can't fight harder than you". We do in fact control to what extent we give it life...don't we?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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