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Hi everyone,

I told my story a couple of times but didnt got any response.

I need you guys i need support in this dark times. Let get the story again. 4j ago i deed psychidelic mushrooms 3 times. The first one was amazing a verry good trip. the second one i got a bad trip didnt feel well start to panic al that stuff. in the second trip i have got the feeling that i had micro and macroscopia. my fingers seemed verry little like the hand of a baby also my head felt small and my puppils were huge,had a out of body experience. the third trip i had the same feelings about my body but not a heavy bad trip more like i want the trip to end now. later on i smoked cannabis and what a laugh! the best time of my life wow. the second time i didnt want to smoke and they gave me white whidow and bam the flashback to the bad trip was there. i felt like my teeth where stuck in my throat,my fingers seemed weird like its not mine,my puppils became huge again,i felt like i was fadding away from everyone like passing out didnt though.then i got to sleep en the next morning i was fine but then every time when i smelled the sense of cannabis i got the flashback to that moment with al the symptoms. then later about 2y later i was going to a festival and everything was fun en happy untill someone smoked a joint. i smelled it and became bad with all the symptoms again...the next morning i woke up verry strange i looked at my hands and there it was again small fingers strange tingeling feeling in my body weird sensation in my face and felt disconected. untill today this stayed with me its 18 months now and i expercience the following: visual-> floaters,afterimages(its like seeing double),gas look,breathing objects,micro/macroscopia,starbust,trails,rays,visual snow. Body experience-> erection problems,libido loss,tired,low on energy,tingeling sensations,heat/cold attacks,muscle cramps,stomach problems like irritated. Psych->fear,memory loss,black outs,unable to sleep,no emotions,feeling not there,feeling not myself,trouble focussin. Please respond and make this topic going. i know exercise 6 days in a weak,quiting alcohol,no caffeine,healthy diet,taking citalopram but al that dont work. please people i want my life back i want a girlfriend without the erection problems i get them at night and when im turned on but its verry hard and dosnt stay that long also got premature ejaculation...please help thank you all god bless

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hey man, you are going through a lot, must be hard.

You have a lot HPPD symptoms, i'm not sure if you know that?

I've had that weed thing and I didn't get DP from weed, but the smell really triggers DP/Anxiety until only recently, think your brain has associated that with the trip for sure. Don't panic, all is not lost.

Two drugs that have worked in trials for HPPD are - KEPPRA and Lamotrigine (keppra more often from my research!)

Read my report, search Keppra HPPD on this forum. my suggestion

Step 1, Read my report.

Step 2. Print the definition of HPPD and get the DSM5.

Step 3. Print the Keppra report

Step 4. Go to GP and show him the reports. He should give you Keppra after you explain how your life is, ofter to leave him the reports, lie if you have to, tell him you paid some fancy doctor online on the subject and they said you have it, as he probably does not know anything about it, just make sure you leave with keppra or don't be too pushy but make sure him/her are going to consider it and get back to you.

Keppra Report - Can't find a link, PM me with your email asking for it and i'll get it to you

DSM5 - this is the official diagnostic manual
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