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Rare case?

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"Depersonalization is a comparatively rare disease in the psychiatric field. Particularly, its occurrence in early adolescence or even before seems to be quite uncommon.
We have observed 120 cases of depersonalization, of which only 16 cases had their onset before the age of 15.”
I saw the study above and ive had this as long as i can remember- im 16 years old right now
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Where do you have this from?
Bro this study was made in the 80s at that time the amount of data available about dpdr was almost none. The psychiatrist community definitely change their view about the onset age about dpdr. Actually if you see the new studies they will show that dpdr is more common to start in teenages than adults.
It was seen to start at ages 16 And is said by mayo clinic that is still rare for it to occur before age 16 And even more rare after 25 years old
There are contradictory results. While some samples found a mean age of onset around the age 16, other studies found a mean age of onset of around 22 years.
Huh I don't know- I'm just really confused with all this
I think I remember seeing a couple of people on the forum saying they had it for as long as they remembered or around the age of five, something like that.
for me I find myself incapable of pointing out a certain age but yes it has been for as long as I can remember.
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