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Rare case?

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"Depersonalization is a comparatively rare disease in the psychiatric field. Particularly, its occurrence in early adolescence or even before seems to be quite uncommon.
We have observed 120 cases of depersonalization, of which only 16 cases had their onset before the age of 15.”
I saw the study above and ive had this as long as i can remember- im 16 years old right now
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Based on the people I've talked to online I think people who get it before adolescence are certainly not the majority but are not a tiny minority either. You're far from alone in how you experience DP/DR.
Also I don't think depersonalization is actually that rare - it's just incredibly underdiagnosed and underresearched. Dissociation is something most people will experience at some point, and I would not be surprised if a couple % of people had DP/DR.
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