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Now its been a long time and ive had this symptom for a while now but just let it happen when it did. Basically there are these sharpy needle feelings around my body, usally is the neck,head,face, or shoulders. Its itchy to the point that you cant resist to scratch it. Its a needle feeling meaning it feels like one little spot but once i scratch it the itchy feeling goes away. Im not sure if this is an anxiety thing but I do feel like it happens when im anxious and in a sticky situation of being lost for words or just at random times it happens randomly. It can go crazy when it happens and usually continues needle to the next. It lasts for about 30 seconds and sucks, thats how long it feels but it could be less. Im not sure yet and im going to see if i can find more information on this. I just wanted to see if all my information can be someone who mabey has this symptom, its only been about 1 and a half months with this one symptom and is bothering me. If you have any idea of this than please tell me, thanks for reading this and bye..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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