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Random bursts of crying

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I try so hard to be positive but this is all I think about. I randomly at least a few times a day just start crying because I’m horrified I’m going to stay this way and never be able to feel alive and live my life again, happy. I’m so scared. I had the best life and was the happiest Iv ever been and it’s being taken away from me.
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Cry your heart out miss....Its healing...And more so you are totally allowed to....

And take things extremely easy on yourself....NO STRESS (at any level)....LOTS OF REST... & SLEEP AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN....Avoid like the plague toxic people, places and things...

Surround yourself in loving, understanding, patient, caring people....

Anybody who tells you to pick yourself up and get on with it is to quickly be told to go F**k themselves in the A** with their patronising dildo...

I promise you will come out the far side....Just hang on in there!
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