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I hope I'm not the only one with the worst anger issues ever.
I get angry at everything and anything.
If someone tells me they love me I get pissed off, if someone tells me they hate me I get pissed off.

I'm angry all the time at everyone and everything for even existing.
I literally wait for people to start arguments with me just so I can get into fights. I find myself praying for someone to start some ridiculous argument just so I can punch and get punched.

One time I almost wacked my sister across the head with a pear jar, but someone else got in the way.
I vandalize.
Destroying things and exercising till I think I'm gonna vomit is how I mostly handle my rage.

It's even more annoying when majority of your other emotions are so suppressed.

So the feeling of anger is intense. Sometimes I have rage attacks and everything becomes a blur.

My thoughts are always on some form of violence for some reason.
I have dark disturbing thoughts all the time, it gets harder to think of myself as a good person.
Every part of me is aggressive and screaming but on the outside I remain so neutral because everything on the outside isn't real, I'm like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I scare myself more than I'd like to admit.

My dp makes me a monster, I don't see people as people or the world as the world. It seems like its all just a playground and people are just I don't even know.
I hold grudges, and take revenge to a whole other level.

I just want to burn the world and make dolphins extinct sometimes.

Oh well.
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Are you familiar with Borderline Personality Disorder...Maybe do a google search?
Honestly I wouldn't be the tad bit surprised if I had it.
Rage is not related to DP, people with DP could not express rage, it is strong emotion.
Huh really? I guess it's just a mixture of alot of things then. DP is different for everyone I suppose.
When you feel rage, do you feel it through your body? Do you feel that is YOU feel this emotion?
Nope and I think that's the worst part about it
im so like this too... something just is angry.. but its not really me. im just watching this some part which is sufferring. but i cant do anything about it. im confused.. all this mind process.. these thoughts and everything just makes this all impossible. im frustrated. over and over again im here. and im losing hope... i cant anymore try
Yeah this is exactly how it is, and its confusing and complicated which just makes it all the more annoying.
Don't lose hope.
"We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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