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Racing thoughts

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Right-now I'm drunk and I'm having obsessive and racing thoughts.

That this is it.

My life is over and this is all i have. I feel like I'm ready to just give up...

I know i have so much to give to this world, but at the same time i feel like just dont want to do anything. phuuck i have not held a real job in my life and I'm 31!!!! I have just run scams and odd jobs, a decent business i let fall apart because i'm a lazy unmotivated dick head..

Im just going to try to focus on my photography and my car

Again I'm sorry for a drunken rant...
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Just hang in there man. It sounds like you have been through a HELL of alot in your life. But, from your website link you sent, I can tell you have a TON of talent. Just lose the drink's not worth it. Especially if you become destructive when you drink. It's just a temporary fix. Unfortunently, I am trying to stay clean from alcohol as well.

Just stay strong man. Peace.

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