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Lately I'm getting VERY unexplainable and abstract vibes/images/thoughts that like have sense to me, in my head, but aren't explainable or logical, same as certain thought patterns I come with and that make me feel worse than crazy, just illogical, like me myself and my existence are nonsensical and illogical. It happens at night but not only..

Also, I don't know "where" to find myself. I get racing sensations/thoughts/*waking moments* in which I can feel the overlap of the real core me with the ego, and sometimes they're the same, sometimes it changes.. I often ask myself if what I go on thinking, doing and how I see the world is from the wrong ego perspective or the core self.. I don't even know if this makes sense, but I'm very ego-centered inside of me, I like to be flattered and it's like the only real me is what I daydream to be in my thoughts.

I don't know where to find myself, I get strange vibes, it's like my problems and traps are only highly abstract, they can't be grasped and they move constantly, I don't know which sense to give to me and my life, I feel like in one of those psychological thrillers/paradox/dreamlike movies, I'm scared, I'm confused, I can't apply logic to what bothers me

It's like I have this image in my mind in how I see how I operate inside and which problems/developments can go from that but they're infinite possibilities.. it's unexplainable, even to myself

Sorry, just the daily random rant
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