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I'm so sick of doctors telling me what to do.

That I should try to deal with this through therapy and that I have to give my meds over 3 months to work.

It's just back and forth. My current pdoc lives over 75 miles away. I go there he says nothing. Just asks me how I feel.

And I want to be like, "Well, Doc, I just wasted a half a tank of gas and $40 dollars in copays, I kinda want to know how you feel.

All they can do is throw meds at it. I'm already on Seroquel 600mg, Zyprexa 10mg, Neurontin 300mg x3 a day, and Lamictal 200mg.

What else can they possibly add? It's not working. The meds make me zombified instead of relaxed. And I just have no more patience for it.

To make a long story short, I want off of meds. But there's a few things standing in my way:

1. I'm Bipolar. Meaning that once the meds are out of my system there's a good chance I'll start cycling again and will become manic.

Now I'm a guy who enjoys his mania but apparently my nerves don't. It's okay at first but then my anxiety gets really bad.

2. God awful anxiety. It's so bad right now and I'm afraid stopping the meds will make it worst. At least the meds are working as a buffer.

Keeping some of it in check. If I come off it, I'm afraid I'll go crazy.

3. I don't really know of any natural remedies except Rhoidola, 5htp, Melatonin, and certain Nootropics.

And I doubt any of them will be as strong as prescription meds.

But even so I still want to try this. It's time for a change. No more of this med roulette crap.

So if anyone has any helpful advice please message me. Thank you and good luck with all your dreams.
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