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Hi all, just a quick question to prove to myself that I'm not alone/ physically ill. Do any of you sometimes get a weird loss of feelings in your arms? Not that you can't feel pain, but a sort of lightness that makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe holding things? Sometimes I get it everywhere, the disociation to my own body, like when you focus on walking and forget how to walk. Like that.

Also, does anyone get like emotional amnesia with regards to loved ones? Like you remember them being there, But in the moment forget how much you care for them and why

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Hey Laura,

Seen your message, in the meanwhile, i thought i'd comment on some of your posts.

Proving is very hard, anxiety can make you feel and believe anything, it's not nice. Arms often feel disconnected and often you might feel like you are walking on air, in my experience anyway.

The emotional 'amnesia' is basically what we call 'numb' there is even a movie called this about DP, personally i have never watched it, as I don't really see the point watching something I already experience, to me it's like watching a movie about say.... breathing. It's of no use to me, but maybe it might reassure you, in the mean while I'll tell you that me and many other members I know and people I know outside of here all experience this symptom and I know it can get better. You still care, you are just a bit detached from how you feel, not what you feel!
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