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This is my first time here, and i have to appologize for my English. i'll try my best.

First, i must thanks god and the owners of this website, this is the actually a anchor of hope to find that i'm not the only one who feel such things.

I guess i'm suffering from DP/DR too, mine came after a big anxiety. and i hope it will pass after the anxiety. I read almost everything about it here, and related to many of the symptoms mentioned.

But, i wonder if there's someone here who totally cured from this disorder, "totally" i mean to get his life back again, connect to his memories, to his body, to his dreams, to his joys, to his familiar enviroment... back again.

I think also, that it's might be helpful to make sticky thread about "help and relief" (meds, techniques, Flax seed oil peels [for example]). right now all of the right information is scattered over many threads.

Thanks everybody
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Thank you for your post and you're very welcome to post here anytime.

Don't be discouraged by the challenge - I was hit hard with the disorder in the past, and then it went away for many years only to come back again (not as bad the second time). It is subsiding again - and I think the group here has helped quite a bit. Hold onto friends, family, hobbies and things that define you. Be yourself in all your blazing glory.

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