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so, i was just wondering, ever since i got dp/dr i haven't drank or done drugs or anything. a few times i did drugs on dp/dr and found it was really fucked up when i was high, weird shit would happen lke i couln't feel my body and i was all numb and just weird shit. so i haven't drank and im just wondering if you getting totally hammered while having dp/dr what happens? does anyone know or tired it? like does it get worse? and if you get drunk does it just make you stuck more in dp/dr and make everything even mopre fucked than it is oncwe your sober. what im tryig to say is that does it make your dp/dr worse after you sober up. but what i really would like to know is what its like to have dp/dr and been totallyhammerd.

so yeah if anyone wants to answer this for me please do.

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It's really different for everyone. I know some people on here don't drink, and i expect most, if not all, no longer do drugs (I can't handle even strong pot anymore).

But personally, i find drinking a little bit every night (being a few glasses of wine a night) extremely soothing. When i go out on the weekends, i will usually get exquisitely intoxicated. The following day is invariably a difficult one to get through, in that i'll feel extra-anxious and extra-dped, but the bottom line is that it's short term, and any other ill-effects are caused simply by the usual physical and mental ramifications of abusing your body with alcohol.

Being drunk with DP is just the same as being drunk without least for me. The thing is...DP is (or so the theory goes) both a symptom and effect of anxiety. If you don't think about it...if you occupy yourself with other things...the DP will go away, almost unbeknowenst to you. I don't know about you, but when i'm out and partying i'm having a hell of a time and there's far too much going on in the way of social interactions to even consider the DP. Sure, it's in the back of one's mind but it's nullified somewhat by the alcohol and the activity. In fact, even when i drink at home i'll very rarely experience any so-called DP symptoms, just because my spirits have been lifted and i'm thinking of other things.

In short, if you like to drink, drink. But just realize that it will cause excessive anxiety the next day and also promote other odious bodily calamities, like liver failure, diabetes, etc. But Carpe Diem i always say.

Please note also that if you are taking medication while drinking the results can range from feeling mildly ill to dying, depending on what you're taking. So be careful what cocktails you're putting in your body.
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