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So i got my dp/dr from weed exactly 32 days ago. After all it's been getting better.

(No trace of anxiety or mental disorders in my family_ nor in my own life before the Weed Panic attacks_always lived a chilling life_ maybe just some slight depression )

before the last smoking session which made me scared and paranoid _ i used to smoke weed once in a week/month with 1-2 days of slight afterglow ( very slight dp/dr as i never noticed it at all and was gone in a day or so_ i never payed it much attention)

During the previous weeks some of my symptoms have been showing less power over me. Sensitivity to light or pure anxious thoughts has been around but less severe.

I've been taking Magnesium, Multivitamins, Chamomile tea, Valerian, Zinc, Nuts and... which helped me deal with my induced-anxiety + positive thinking.

I never experienced fear or trauma or anything causing me stress in my life and no family issues either. So it's hard to figure out what's wrong. I tend to just forget about the whole thing and enjoy living like a ghost.

Last night I experienced 5 minutes of pure happiness (Near reality) after some weird vertigo. I didn't know what it was. Dp were not fully gone but i felt really happy and motivated and even couldn't think about dp at those moment like i didn't know what it was. I tried not to react so excited but i couldn't stop laughing. I thought there was something off my shoulders and there were no traces of anxiety. The happiness just faded away slowly and i caught myself dp'ed again in some minutes.

1_Should i consider it as a sign of recovery ? or just a placebo of my positive thoughts ?

there are times that it bothers me a lot and i just want it gone_ but then comes the periods in which i don't think about it and i actually feel better (maybe even happy_ laughing at it) and other times when i feel it severely and i try my best to handle my thoughts. I've been in and out of the negative vicious cycle but never fully got rid of it

My second question is:

2_As i can laugh, cry, drive, focus on my university classes lectures by professors (can focus when distracted), feel pain and etc. How much Sever you think my DP,DR is? Are you feeling the way i feel?

I can learn new things _ i mean basically i comprehend stuff but recalling them is hard.

My worst symptoms are the the distortion in time, dream-like state, terrible memory and feelings of being on Auto-pilot. BTW i jumped from really cold water into the hot tub some nights ago and i felt almost nothing and it scared me but it's getting better too. I mean the numbness is going away really slowly I also have itching and pain from my athletic injuries which i can totally feel.

and My ONLY FEAR is that this is permanent. I don't fear the society or hanging with people or friends (No underlying anxiety)

I Go out walking and it's cool but when i run it feels more dreamy.

Not to Bother anymore. this is my last question:

3_Which group of dp'ed people do you think are most likely to recover (sooner)? The drug-induced (with no underlying issues) or the trauma /abused ones ?

They say it goes away on it's own when it's induced by a drug and needs time and patience (there is even one of my friends that snapped out of it after 9-10 months and he didn't know how he said he just lived his life) but negative thoughts and comments i've seen from people having it for years won't let me believe it's temporary. Even 6 months is a long time for me. I used to be a happy person generally but never a patient one.
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