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Questions.. Janine? DID

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I wonder if dissociation, can turn into DID (multiple personalities). I am worried a little bit about that. I have read that multiple repeated dissociation can turn to DID.

Janine? :shock:

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The only way you can find out that you are not going to go mad by not carrying out the obsessive behaviour, is to not do it. No matter how many times some one tells you it to be true, you will not believe them until you yourself understand that simple fact. If you can't bring yourself to not carry out the ritual, then you must learn about yourself and understand what it is exactly that you are trying to hold together. Then gradually you will understand why you do the things you do.

I obsessively searched the web and FREAKED out whenever I read about multiple personalities and schizophrenia. That to me, was the worst possible thing that could happen. I wanted to know the worst that could happen, so I could see it happening, and hopefully control it and/or prevent it.

Ever since I was a child, I was afraid of where my thoughts would take me. In order to keep the peace inside my head, I would carry out behaviour that allowed me to avoid going to that ugly place in my head. I was in effect, running away from my own mind, inside my mind, and eventually realised there was no where to run and instead of standing face to face with your inner demons, you implode (dp) as a last resort of hiding. But you are not aware of this being the case as it is not in a literal sense eg saying to yourself 'no, i will not face up to this ' etc. Which is why people find it hard to believe that their brain is doing this to them.

Carrying out obsessions is just distracting yourself from facing your inner fears.
You cannot control your fears in this way.
You cannot drive yourself mad by thinking.
Realise what it is that you are convinced is going to happen and that it isn't going to happen
Un-learn the habit of fuelling the obsession
Learn about magical thinking and the power it has over you.
Understand that it is psychological and that you are causing this, in the sense that you have the power to step aside from your own thinking and immerse yourself in the real world. Long enough each time to regain balanced thoughts. It is entirely possible and will take every inch of willpower in your body. But hell, you've got this far and haven't fallen, infact you are getting tougher the harder you work.

So turn off the computer, walk out the front door, IGNORE the fact that it feels like you've just walked into another dimension, because the reality is that you haven't, and everytime you feel the need to worry or think about dp, just remember that the only thing you will achieve by doing this, is setting the level lower for you to do it again the next day. You cannot think your way out. You have to distrust your thoughts, no matter how much you want to follow them. Go shopping. Then go to a friends house. Then play with your son. Then chat with your man. Then go to bed. Open you eyes, do not think about getting up, get up, go for a walk, do not turn on the computer etc etc get the gist?

Go girl :wink:
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