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So after reading through a couple of these topics, I'm interested to see if anyone experiences DP like I do.

I've noticed that I will dissociate for about a week almost every month (sometimes I can go two months without it). It's almost like a routine, strange enough. A lot of times, I'll dissociate the same week I did the year before (ex - christmas). Most of the time, there is no trigger or reason for it. But I will start to notice that my face gets numb and I stop being able to feel most of my body, then the next morning I'll wake up dissociated.

I've noticed that a lot of people experience it for weeks or just constantly. Not to say that I don't always feel it, because in a sense I am almost always slightly dissociated. But I really become fully aware of it during that week.

Does anyone else have this "routine" dissociation ?

Also, does anyone else feel like they've lost most of their emotions? I know I used to feel things very deeply and now I'll go into stages where I just don't care about anything. I can sometimes treat the people I love like nothing and it kills me. Distressing things people tell me have almost no effect on me. I'm more emotionally numb, even when im not dissociated.

Background - I started dissociating 3 and a half years ago after waking up from a party in high school. I BELIEVE it is marijuana-induced.
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When I was younger and never even had heard of DP/DR I would experience it what seemed like monthly. I would wake up with it or sometimes I would feel it coming on lying in bed before I went to sleep. After awhile I noticed that feeling and knew what was getting ready to happen. It was very bad. Sometimes it would go away in a day or two or sometimes as I got older it would last for up to six months.

Now that I'm even older I've been dp'd for almost five years now. But pretty much have had it all my life.

I've never really had the losing of emotion thing but have heard it's very common from what I've heard and read.
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