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?Maintain a routine.
oMake change slowly, physically, emotionally, nutritionally, geographically, etc.
oMonitor health, watch nutrition, get medical checkups. Avoid drugs and alcohol.
oTake daily exercise to reduce dissociation (spaceyness, anxiety, and insomnia).
oAvoid sensory overload. Avoid crowds or large spaces without boundaries (shopping malls, video arcades, etc.) Drive consciously without music.
?Reality orientation
ostablish time end place landmarks such as calendars and clocks.
oMake lists of activities in advance. Update lists daily or weekly. Difficult tasks and large projects should be kept on separate lists.
oBefore going on errands, review lists of planned activities, purchases and projects. Mark items off as you complete them.
oKeep updated on current news. News shows (CNN, Headline News, talk radio) are helpful because they repeat, especially if you have memory and concentration difficulties.
oTry to read one complete news article daily to increase comprehension.
oDevelop reading "stamina" with the aid of a timer, and increase reading periods progressively.
?Sleep interruptions
oLeave talk radio/television and news programs (not music) on all night.
Don?t push yourself. After years or months, dissociation is a habit that takes time to break
I found this on the web these are techniques on how to get rid of trance states like dp/dr. I have 2 questions
Do you think leaving a radio/television or news program on all night when your asleep is good adive?
Also is it true that you shouldn't listen to music when your in your car ?

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depends on the programme lol i've slept with the radio on before once and actually slept quite well!!! Felt quite orientated the next mornin' till i had to get to school. I don't drive so can't answer that one...
I guess distractions could somehow occupy some of the overactiveness of the with the classical music theory kinda thing???? not too sure...I think I'm babblin' again...
the lists thing is a good idea...subconciously helps build up some organisation

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i leave talk radio on all night at a low level. use to be radio4 as they talk on subjects most of the time but at about 5.30 they have a wonderful compilation of music (instrumental versions of drunken sailor and that) and it wakes me up in an unhelpful way every time. so now it's radio5 live which is just news and sport(which i'm not interested in). but it stays at a sort of constant level except for the commentators.

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i have also read that article but it was a little while ago now...

has some handy things to do/get on with to take your mind off things and to at least do something everyday...

in a way it is just saying to take more notice of doing normal things and to make sure you concentrate on each thing and thing about what you are doing intently...

but to be honest i did most if not all of those things before dp/dr and still have done during dp/dr and it does not really help...

there is also a lot of avoidance....which i find hinders us more than helps...

we need to do things otherwise doing things like going into crowds and all that will become too hard...

obviously do not put yourself through utter hell everytime...just do things when you can...

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Im gonna give it a shot, i hope this helps in some way, shadowness what may not work for one person may work for the next. Anyways well see
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