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Question, What happened to Janine Baker?

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I am quite currious as to what happened in the post Janine ,Question about Recovery and why it is Locked.. What is going on behind the scenes. I only read in that post that someone Pissed off Janine and because of that she won't help here anymore. If this is the case , this person should apologize, her posts here were helpful to many and for new people that might come here seeking help , well you may have just cost them some real insight. I don't know what if anything happened, but it certainly is sad that someone would be that selfish as to run off someone who was not only helpful but inspirational. If that is what happened I would suggest that the person that did this make amends with Janine so that others may benefit from her council and support.

The funny thing is that people may disagree on things and have different opinions without running off someone and especially someone who cares about us as much as Janine Baker.

Well Enough said, but sure would like to be enlightened as to what really happened. If this gets locked somehow please PM me.
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i ate her


i really tried to control myself

but i was kinda hungry

that's a common part of depression/anxiety, is that one is inclined to think that others are ignoring them because they don't LIKE them (it could be many reasons), or that there is some other reason that people don't like them...depression is very egocentric..."if someone is laughing, i know they're making fun of me" "if someone is ignoring me, i know it's because they don't like me"

depression is a state of mind where you're desparate for self-importance, even if it's negative, so soemtiems when you say someone doesn't like you, it's partially a hope that their distant attitude is in some way related back to YOU, giving you importance in the picture.

what i'm trying to say is, you dont' know if she dislikes you or not.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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