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I read that the title 'psychologist' is not protected here in the states.
That means that really everyone can practice as a psychologist.

I think in Europe the term is protected, meaning that one has to have a special training and a diploma to be allowed to call oneself a psychologist.

Right or wrong?

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Well, for the most part, a psychologist needs to be "licensed" or to be called a "clinical psychologist" - the licensing means they are licensed by the state to practice psychotherapy. That is essential.

Clinical Psychologist usually denotes either a Master's in Psych or (more often) a Phd.

I doubt you'd find someone calling themselves a "psychologist" without at least one of those credentials listed above. The word "Therapist' is more deceiving. ANYbody can call themselves a "therapist" - always ask re: education and certification and/or licensing by the state.

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