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Question for those who have tried antidepressants please

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I just started Cymbalta like yesterday or 2 days ago but god damn I feel high as shit, like literally walking around like I'm drunk/ high, does that ever wear off? I'm hoping in like a few weeks that goes away?
This may sound stupid but since I got on these anti depressants I feel like my dogs look at me different for some reason
That might sound really stupid or like I'm on crack or something but I feel like they can sense my numbness that the drugs r giving me or something
And god dammit my baby of 3 years and a half (my dog) just got diagnosed with fucking bone cancer today, we're gonna see what's gonna happen 2marro
But just makes me sad as shit that she's looking at me weirdly or avoiding me kinda,
I feel like the drug has kinda worn off since I took it legit over a day ago and I feel more connect now and I feel like my bond with my dog is back
But my question is
Am I always gonna feel high, am I always gonna feel numb, I had a friend who took medicine and he was like a shell of himself for like 2 weeks and now he's back 2 normal, idk if he's still on the medicine or stopped, hoping that effect just wore off or something
But I read stories on how antidepressants make people them self's again and hoping that will happen, even if it sucks for a couple weeks,
But this thing with my dog, I have to take this medicine to try it out, I might chill on it so I can bond with my dog for who knows how many days left
Anybody on antidepressants please give me ur intake, yeah the whole dog thing sounds crazy, idk maybe I'm just high off this fucking shit
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