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Does anyone, while on ADs, have periods where it feels like the meds are not working anymore ( your depressive symptoms come back)? If so, do these periods pass or have you had to switch up your med routine to reach effectiveness again?


Think of an anti-depressant as a kind of "Pain Killer"

You don't want to be in massive pain if its Unexplained pain....however, you also can't live on Demerol (which pretty much makes you feel wonderful even if you've got a bullet in your neck, lol)

If you're working through some things psychologically, and going through changes,'re certainly going to have some anxiety and/or depressive feelings - that's HUMAN. And you can't expect to narcotize them and glide through the hard work painlessly.

If however, you lose all interest in EVERYthing for a period of weeks....then one would ask "are you in a Major Depression" that seems to be severe, and maybe you'd want to think about increasing the meds.

It's all common sense. Healing the mind is not anything but common sense. We try to invest psychiatry with some Secret Knowledge, but many of the questions we ask of them are things we sort of know the answers to anyway. (one of the "Secrets" learned in a long and effective analysis is that if you want to be happy and well, you're going to have to do MUCH more for YourSelf than you really think you should have to do!)

Love ya,
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