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Hi Rula

You say to mrmole:

"Xanax is actually often prescribed for tinnitus, but obviously you can't take benzos forever."

What do you mean by "forever?" I have been taking Xanax for twety years and don't feel anything negative as a result. ( I am almost sixty)Admittedly I am habituated to it. And that is a drag particularly because I am forced to be involved with the medical profession to get refills for my prescription. But other than that I notice no ill effects what so ever. I take 2mgs per day and have been for some time now. I look forward to taking my main dose mostly in the evening. one and one quarter mgs, similar in many ways to how one might look forward to coming home after work and having a couple of beers or a glass of wine.

I have never had loud ringing in my ears, but if i go for more than twenty hours without Xanax my thoughts and the noises around me begin echoing in my mind. I take Xanax 3/4mg ( in the late afternoon generally) and in a few minutes it goes right away. Also it is very effective in knocking down an unexpected panic attack.

You say:

"I sometimes pop an extra Klonopin when the buzzing is extra loud, and it kills it right away."

Do you prefer klonopin to Xanax? And if so why? I definitely prefer Xanax to Valium. I have never taken klonopin. One psychiatrist I saw some years ago suggested I might take klonopin regularly and carry a little bottle of Xanax with me as a sort of talisman for psychological reasons. And i could always take the Xanax if the klonopin didn't prevent anxiety from breaking through. But I preferred the single drug so i stayed with just the Xanax I find that the Xanax has a mild anti deprssion quality to it in addition to its ant anxiety potential. while for me at least I have always found that Valium made me feel a bit "blue."

I found what you said about GABA deficiencies very interesting because many members of my family (father, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. take benzos in small doses on a regular basis. Perhaps it is hereditary.

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