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From the years 2002-2004 I felt pretty great and didnt slip into any bad depression and my OCD and derealization was at an extremely low level.
During the summer of 2004, 2 big things happened to me: Took a temporary job in LA, and a big ordeal in the family. The move to LA cost me lots of nerves and when I came back home (NJ) The big depression, OCD, and crazy thoughts came back. after the depression and OCD phase (those two combined is a living HELL by the way) The derealization kicked in like it never has before. Does this mean that all these things were triggered by extreme amounts of stress? The last time thins happened to me was sophmore year in college during finals. After finishing the finals, I had a breakdown. I think there is a pattern here. My mom has depression and she says it is triggered during the end of a very stressful situation.

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