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Question for Adults!

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For people who are now considerably grown up
Just 1 question.

Growing older with dp/dr:

I feel as if my capability for intellectual growth has been severely limited by this shit.

The only things I learn these days could be learned during a good high and would not be taken seriously by most people. Since I really can't evaluate the content of my own mind anymore, I really don't know if I know much about anything.

Am I doomed to be as stupid at 30, 40 or 50 as I am at 19?

My mind seems frozen.
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my iq was and is the same.what changes with any depressive illness is an inability to concentrate,the root of which is an eternal search for meaning in the outside world and an introspection that eventually infects every aspect of your cognation.shapes of letters become more to the fore than the meaning behind the words.memory is sabotaged by ultra focus on inner may read and reread a page,a paragraph or an individual sentence and not remember what it was about.this happens more and more often until it becomes a constant,dreamy habit.the good news is that you get your old cognation back,if you keep trying.find books on subjects that you are interested in and off you go.hope this helps,thats what happened me anyway.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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