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Question for Adults!

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For people who are now considerably grown up
Just 1 question.

Growing older with dp/dr:

I feel as if my capability for intellectual growth has been severely limited by this shit.

The only things I learn these days could be learned during a good high and would not be taken seriously by most people. Since I really can't evaluate the content of my own mind anymore, I really don't know if I know much about anything.

Am I doomed to be as stupid at 30, 40 or 50 as I am at 19?

My mind seems frozen.
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It's interesting. Though I seem to not be able to think, I still can. When in the throes of HORRIBLE DP, nothing is possible. Absolutely nothing. But as I've gotten older, especially the past few years. Overall... well really the past year ....and I'll be 47 in one month!.... if I FORCE my brain to work, it seems just as capable as functioning as it always did.

Yes, slow. Even as a kid it seemed to be slow, before the chronic DP/DR. And I'm flakey, yes. But a lot of my thinking problems come from anxiety.

I have trouble concentrating, but I always did.

I don't think your mind deteriorates, let's put it that way.

In my case, with meds galore over the years, therapy galore, I'd say my brain is the same. I don't know if that 's good or bad, but I have a BA and MA from some of the worst years of my life .... age 17-23 or so. Had a great career for a while. FORCED myself through stuff.

I think I'm better in many ways than I was as a young person.

On the other hand the chronicity for me, the loneliness, the lack of joy takes its toll.

I don't think DP makes us lose who we are, or lose our IQ or whatever. It interferes, and there are ways of working around the cognitive problems.

Except on bad, bad days... you fake it or say, "I have a migraine" and go home.

Best I can think of from an old lady 8)
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fingertingle said:
Funny you mention IQ, Dreamer.
Taking IQ tests is nearly impossible for me now! The questions, such as Michelle is taller than Aaron and Aaron is taller than Paul but shorter than Vicki balhksjkj make my brain blank out completely. It's like my brain is telling me, "NO DON'T DO IT." I used to get IQ scores ranging 130-150. I took one last month and I got an 80something? (just the online ones) I have huge problems concentrating, too.
Man I can't sleep again.

I know I'm intelligent. And IQ in a sense means nothing unless one is extremely bright or seriously impaired.

Interesting. I have been capable of doing very well in school my whole life. My grades were all over the place as a kid,but that was due to trouble at home.

Interesting though. At around.... hmmm age 28???? I had a full cognitive test, IQ, personality, the whole nine yards. My IQ was VERY low. The psycholgist who performed the tests said, "This makes no sense, you are brighter than the score, your anxiety is making it impossible to carry out the tasks, the simplest of tasks."

He attributed my anxiety... and I do as well... to my inability to function cognitively at my highest potential. It's an ongoing struggle.

Try to just say, "To Hell with it. What's the worst that can happen. If I fail I fail." It's taken me 46 years to learn that. And I feel a tad more relaxed!

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