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Question for a Moderator

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Milan has a question that concerns helping his pregnant wife. We have had several women post as I recall that have gone thru pregnancy recently. I suggested he might try the question in the main post as not everyone "lurks" down here. Rightly so, he wondered if it would be appropriate.

I think if it helps the guy and his poor sick pregnant wife out, it might be okay. Anyone of an opinion of his posting on the main forum? We're just trying to follow the ranks down here. :wink:


terri...worrying my * off about Milan's sick, pregnant wife.
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eye flutter, eye flutter. :wink:

L really OL . :lol:

Thanks, Mods.
Me? I'm just like Mother Theresa trying to help the needy. 8)

You think I could be swayed by those handsome pictures?

Honey, I'm not swaying, I'm blowing in the wind !! Gale force !! :lol:

Sorry Milan :oops:

As I said, i'm just trying to help the needy.
ummmm...Martin, can you try using that new found moderator skill of yours again. I don't see it up in the main forum.

If you want, I could amaze you with my highly evolved copy and paste abilities. :D

It takes a village.
Well, hard as it is for me to make sense, I shall try again. I thought Rev was suggesting you move it to the main forum in addition to agreeing it was okay. And then I "thought" when you said, "Oh hang on, I just did...". I thought that meant you had literally moved it.

Martin, why am I so confused and confusing? :(
I am almost too embarrassed to post on this thread again. :oops:

I get it now...especially upon rereading and getting that Janine said

"Tell the poor fellow to post his question/problem without hesitation".

So he's gonna move it, not you.

All of your patience knows no bounds.
No WAIT !! It is at the very top of the whole page under the red Research word !!!

He did move it to the TOP !

That's why Rev is the Rev. :D

Or Whoever did it, Thanks.
If you look on the left hand side above the dpselfhelp sign it says Please Help Milan!

Yes, Janine, it certainly does.

You can only imagine how much money I have had to shell out.

This makes it all too clear.

All these years of suffering with this disorder and to just now realise it has been Martin's fault all the time. :?

Call me a CRAZY OLD BEAN !! You, You, You...

You made me laugh my * off ,

you misguided, Squid-loving, wheely-bin riding, idgit head!

I posted where the post had been placed, you asked what I was talking about now?, I told you exactly where it was...YOU CALLED ME A CRAZY OLD BEAN.

hmmmph !!!! :evil:

and :lol:
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Hi Milan. Here's your popcorn.

Dear Martin, my sweet, so glad to see you understand the black is white concept. Also appreciate the old woman who are mothers nod.

Since the man is, as g-funk says, delusional, I say let's put a little barbeque sauce on him, put him on a spit till tender, and eat him for breakfast. :D

The Crazy Old Bean*
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