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Question for a Moderator

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Milan has a question that concerns helping his pregnant wife. We have had several women post as I recall that have gone thru pregnancy recently. I suggested he might try the question in the main post as not everyone "lurks" down here. Rightly so, he wondered if it would be appropriate.

I think if it helps the guy and his poor sick pregnant wife out, it might be okay. Anyone of an opinion of his posting on the main forum? We're just trying to follow the ranks down here. :wink:


terri...worrying my * off about Milan's sick, pregnant wife.
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It's not a problem for me in the slightest. Dunno about the rest.
You just have to have the last word, don't you. Sigh.


Oh hang on, I just did. Er, sorry.
What do you want me to do? Make sense woman! :wink:

No, I was referring to the fact that Rev has to have the last word, and in saying that, I realised that I had in fact had the last word.

Exaggerated sigh. :)

Now I'm confused. What on earth are you talking about? :shock:
No, sorry - it is well known in psychoanalytic circles (or are they triangles, lets 'discuss it. :) )when a group of woman gang up on a man like you lot have just done, it can mean only one thing; I am entirely correct, and you just hate to admit it. So there.

What worries me most is that Martin hasn't picked up on the fact that is future wife/wives are flirting outrageously with another man...
Who? WHO DAMN YOU ! I challange him to a duel, pistols at dawn.
Yes, I am fully aware of the old freudian concept of magical thinking, thankyou very much.

But I've just come to the conclusion that women, especially older women, and definately older women who are mothers, are always right. Black is white, and so forth.

There were/are only two people on this planet who can out-wit me, or out-argue me. Utterly. I am reduced to a pathetic retard with no response worthy of an adult.

These people are/were:

My mother.
My ex-wife.

I rest my case. With other people, even though I may be wrong, I can bullshit my way out of it. It's quite a talent, and is perhaps the only thing that is keeping me alive, so don't knock it !
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