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OK YES :p , I begin Anafranil, for real. :lol:

But I need to know. Just in case....

1. Does neuroleptics goes along with tca (just in case!!!)
2. Does all benzos goes along too?
3.Does anti-convulsants goes along too?

I am happy to start (again) with anafranil, but it's just drug+drug interaction that I don't know well, and I would like to be able to ADD something one day IF I NEED IT.



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It's been 4 days on Anafranil at 10 mg....

I feel so far, like very tired, very very tired in the day. I feel weak, and unable to concentrate. I didn't cry much, like a bit. I have trouble to think. And I sweat a lot. It's curious, I wake up in the night, totally awake at 4 AM, but in the PM, I could sleep.

We'll see. I will take a ECG this week.

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