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Question about schizophrenia

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"Lack of insight (called anosognosia). Those who are developing schizophrenia are unaware that they are becoming sick. The part of their brain that should recognize that something is wrong is damaged by the disease."

Is this true?
I found this on a website and I found it very odd... Schizophrenia is one of my number one fears for myself - probably number one. At first I found this comforting, but then I remember things my sister would say......

"I can't think."
"I can't read."
"I can't concentrate."

So many of the things I'm dealing with right now.... and she was definitely aware of the first symptoms of schizophrenia. When her delusions hit full force, she seemed unaware, but otherwise.........

I don't know.........................

This is becoming such an obsessive thought I don't even know what to do.
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i also have a fear of developing skitzophrenia, what is involved in developing it, like what are the sympoms? does it involve difficulty in diferentiating between reality and fantasy, well, basicly, when someone says stupid stuff like today is yesterday, a part of my mind reacts as though this is true, even though 99% of me knows it's absolute bollox, and i know it isn't true, a part of my mind seems to react otherwise... and it's quite annoying, i also have trouble consentrating and i seem to think 'differently' somehow, i can't explain what i mean, like my consepts of things are a lil 'different' although i think this is entirely down to DR.

i know it true that people that think they'r developing things are the ones that won't, but i'v always thought, whats worse, going mad and being mad, or knowing your going mad and freeking out because of it, like being sane 'inside' insanity, i know it sounds wierd but still... i do have trouble with, thinking witgh ease, it's like i have to keep a tab on my thoughts to stop them from going away from the norm, i have to 'consciously think normaly' i can't just 'think normaly' if you know what i mean, i have also been told that out of the people that develop psychiatric problems, the people that will recover are the strong minded deep thinkers... which i know myself to be... so, basicly, does any one else have info on the development of skitz'...


peace out.

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ok finger tingle... this link should help with the understanding that you really most probably havn't and never will have skitzophrenia....

also dude check this lynk, cuz if your experiancing strange effects, then you may be experiancing a minor sychotic episode, which has alot of similarities with skitz* but isn't an illness, more an 'eppisode' or 'un'health (as aposed to health) ... experience
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