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Question about schizophrenia

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"Lack of insight (called anosognosia). Those who are developing schizophrenia are unaware that they are becoming sick. The part of their brain that should recognize that something is wrong is damaged by the disease."

Is this true?
I found this on a website and I found it very odd... Schizophrenia is one of my number one fears for myself - probably number one. At first I found this comforting, but then I remember things my sister would say......

"I can't think."
"I can't read."
"I can't concentrate."

So many of the things I'm dealing with right now.... and she was definitely aware of the first symptoms of schizophrenia. When her delusions hit full force, she seemed unaware, but otherwise.........

I don't know.........................

This is becoming such an obsessive thought I don't even know what to do.
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Seriously, stop trying to diagnose yourself with mental illnesses right now. It will do you no good and ultimately leave you feeling worse than when you started. Many people on this site have done this over and over again and will assure you that you are more than likely not going crazy and thinking you are just makes it worse.

Instead of trying to figure out what's "Wrong" with you, instead look at how and why you have come to believe there is anything wrong with you in the first place. Perhaps find a good psychoanalyst that will help you do this and talk it through with them.

Oh and don't believe anyone (not even yourself), when they tell you you're crazy or mentally ill. There's no such thing. Everyone is different, everyone's minds work in different ways and just because yours happens to exist outside of the social norm does not make you ill or insane.
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Of course its possible that you really were psychic.

IMO people who are developing Schizophrenia don't think they are going crazy because they aren't. All that is happening is their reality is changing. Every person's reality is 100% real to them, so by telling a Schizophrenic person "That's not real, its all in your head, you are crazy" really does them no good.

IMO what you need to do is accept their reality as truth and then start unravelling their anxieties.
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