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Question about recovery

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Ok so at the start of November I had a bad weed trip and started to have some minor dp/dr, I didn’t really know what it was so I took some acid days later and that opened the doors to severe dp/dr.
It was really strong and distressing during november, I quit weed and started seeing a therapist.

My recovery has been weird, I went through different phases and everytime I thought I was making progress, I would get a setback, only to be followed my some other progress and so forth. Then two weeks ago, after a session with my therapist, it just went away! I was so relieved and amazed, but it only lasted a week, because after my next session with the therapist the symptoms came back, but much more mild and less distressing.
My question is, what does it mean? I don’t know why it went away so suddenly, neither why it came back again after another session. Now I just go in and out of dp during the day, does this mean I’m getting close to full recovery?
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I don't really know. But having it intermittenly sounds better than having it permanently obviously. Would you mind sharing what happened during that session after which you felt better? What kind of things did you talk about during the session?

The fact is, I don’t think we talked about anything in particular, I just talked about how my week was, how my symptoms affected me and how I felt that week (which wasn’t really a great week).
I was so surprised when the day after I woke up and I just felt normal, no existential thoughts, no weird feelings about my body, I felt emotions much stronger, I didn’t feel in a shell anymore. There were moments when my brain was having difficulties fully letting go of my dp, as I felt it still clinging to those feelings, but it was rare and barely noticeable.

In the session after that I told all of this to my therapist and idk why that evening dp came back, much less frightening and less intense than before, but it came back.
I still count this as improvement, but makes me wonder if 100% recovery forever is actually possible
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I think opening up about the condition to somebody, especially a professional, was the reason for why it went away. Its reassuring and makes the condition seem less frightening when you get it out there. It lowers anxiety and thereby relieving dp/dr. However, when it comes down to it, its also only a patch solution.

I firmly believe its possible to get rid of it 100% but that is only from my own experience of having had it for 1 year and then be cured for 3 years. During that year I had ups and downs but the condition was always there to a degree. I never felt I was 100% myself at any point before I was cured.

I'l tell you what my experience taught me. What got me out was lowering my anxiety overall, and to do that you have to find out what is causing you stress/anxiety. If the condition itself is the largest cause of your anxiety, you have to raise your confidence and trust the fact that the condition is not dangerous. It won't give you braindamage, it won't make you insane and it won't make you do anything you don't wanna do. Raise confidence in yourself by doing new things. Do the things you are afraid to do, like hanging out more with friends, meet new people, try a new hobby. Anything that will raise your self-confidence you should try and pursue.

My anxiety/stress came partly from the condition but I also realized I was lonely and my life was very uncertain at that time too. Once I socialized more and my life became more stable and I started doing things that gave me confidence, the condition fully disappeared and I was cured for 3 years straight without a single relapse. It only came back last month because I had let my life circumstances become bad again and my self-confidence dropped due to various things :rolleyes:

Take my experience as you may but one thing I would def recommend is to never do drugs again! Our brains are simply not build for that kind of thing.

Well yes, surely opening up about it helped, I’m not at 100% of course but if I think where I was at the start (having daily panic attacks for a week and literally feeling as if I was in a Simulation and everything and everyone else was a figment of my imagination). I guess what bothers me is fearing I’ll never get back my life as it was before. As for stress or anxiety, I just started uni but there’s really nothing I can do about it can I ahahahah
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