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Question about brain scan and Rtms (especially to Mayer-Gross)

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As i can not send any private message i would be very glad if Mayer-Gross would have a look at my question as you are the specialist in this field.
I'm now suffering from emotional numbness for 7 month and all other symptoms like seeing sunlight too bright or sitting behind a glasswall or thinking my voice sounds strange are gone also appetite and sleep is better. I already tried several meds and the classic Rtms protocol for depression without success in emotional numbness. I don't know if there exists a brain scan method to see which parts in my brain are causing the numbness so i could precisely target those areas with Rtms. Maybe a Pet-Ct? Or do you think the brainscan would not provide any helpful results? I'm very sorry bothering you about this as i know you deal with a lot of questions like this but i would be very thankful for an answer !
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Hey Mayer-Gross do you know for sure that the French rTMS trial is even going to happen? I haven’t been able to find anything online about it currently happening. Just wondering because an rTMS depersonalization study that was going to take place in New York was cancelled a few years ago. I hope they didn’t cancel this one
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