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Question about brain scan and Rtms (especially to Mayer-Gross)

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As i can not send any private message i would be very glad if Mayer-Gross would have a look at my question as you are the specialist in this field.
I'm now suffering from emotional numbness for 7 month and all other symptoms like seeing sunlight too bright or sitting behind a glasswall or thinking my voice sounds strange are gone also appetite and sleep is better. I already tried several meds and the classic Rtms protocol for depression without success in emotional numbness. I don't know if there exists a brain scan method to see which parts in my brain are causing the numbness so i could precisely target those areas with Rtms. Maybe a Pet-Ct? Or do you think the brainscan would not provide any helpful results? I'm very sorry bothering you about this as i know you deal with a lot of questions like this but i would be very thankful for an answer !
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If i was you i would wait with rTMS until the french angular gyrus trail is published. It might say something about other location under consideration in depersonalisation. The angular gyrus is on the close to the back side of the head and is related to derealisation , out of body experience. There have been some recent small trails with rTMS at this location for anxiety. So, it might be a location affected by anxiety. Emotional numbing is more related to regulation in the prefrontal cortex. Angular gyrus is on the surface of the brain and can be stimulated by a normal coil. You could also try the right VLPFC. But you need a provider that have neuronavigation for these locations. So, neuronavigation system can make an artificial brain in a computer system that gives an estimated location so, a MRI might not be needed. For other locations and to stimulate the right VLPFC there is a need for coils with deeper stimulation. They likely will be approved in Europe for clinical use within the coming years. I expect the French trail to be published within the coming months. Likely on this site.
Mayer-Gross, without divulging too much info or compromising your anonymity, would you mind sharing how it is that you have such in-depth knowledge of all this stuff? Are you a some kind of science or neuroscience professional working in the field?
Thank you very much. You are a boon to this community.
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