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Question about brain scan and Rtms (especially to Mayer-Gross)

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As i can not send any private message i would be very glad if Mayer-Gross would have a look at my question as you are the specialist in this field.
I'm now suffering from emotional numbness for 7 month and all other symptoms like seeing sunlight too bright or sitting behind a glasswall or thinking my voice sounds strange are gone also appetite and sleep is better. I already tried several meds and the classic Rtms protocol for depression without success in emotional numbness. I don't know if there exists a brain scan method to see which parts in my brain are causing the numbness so i could precisely target those areas with Rtms. Maybe a Pet-Ct? Or do you think the brainscan would not provide any helpful results? I'm very sorry bothering you about this as i know you deal with a lot of questions like this but i would be very thankful for an answer !
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you would need a fmri to see which parts of your brain are overactive i think.
which kind of rtms you got? did they used neuronavigation for targeting?
Thanks a lot for the information you have given ! I will try rtms on the right vlpfc next week but unfortunately without neuronavigation so i don't really think there will be any effect but lets see. It would just be too wonderful if there were an option to see what's wrong in the brain and then target those areas till everything works like it should again. Best regards
are you being from germany?
I have a BA in psychology and had the plan to read into neuropsychology. I have a cause in psychopharmacology that is the part neuropsychologist take and also psychiatrists. But that is 25.years ago. But I am very familiar with reading in medical research and literature. I have read everything published about depersonalization. rTMS is a relatively new area in psychiatry that is mostly based around cognitive relation of emotions in the brain. To me it is relative new and most psychiatrists are not trained in this way of thinking and treating disorders. You have to read many brain imaging studies, studies of networks in the brain. It is mostly in the understanding of depression this area develops. But, it is a intervention that might be promising for many conditions in the future. It will not work in psychotic conditions like schizophrenia though. Then there is the technological development in rTMS equipment that does you can go deeper into areas in the brain where networks are abnormal. In depersonalization the problem is partly related to conflicting data where the core relations is and where to intervene. In reality it could be in several locations in the same network. The problem is also that the areas in the brain that is under suspicion to play role is to deep for the rTMS coils that was available until recently. So, locations active in depersonalization have never been tried because coils to stimulate so deep was not developed.
what about the ocd helmet from brainsway? is that not for anterior cingulate and dorsomedial pfc? what would be the difference between the ocd coil from magventure what you shown me?
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