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Question about Benzodiazepines on DPD

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Hi guys,

i recently got some benzopills from my psychiatrist for trying them out on dpd(did not tried them out yet).

i actually asked for some lorazepam because i heard they are prescribed as pills aganst panic attacks and hence might effect on dpd...

i got some some lormetazepam pills instead.... and found that they are mostly prescribed for insomnia and as sleeping aid(maybe not used in US).... my general question is merely, if all benzos are working the same?? just the dose and duration of effect is different, or do they actually have a noticible different effect? if someone knows more about that i would appreciatean comment,

Thanks Guys!
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I've been taken lorazepam (Ativan) for about 3 years now and the medication helped my anxiety and dp very much. The lorazepam makes me feel really good, it makes me feel really relaxed in my mind and body and eliminates all the anxiety I have so I highly recommended it.

I never heard of lormetazepam until now but it looks like they made a mistake because they both sound similar and you are right it used for insomnia. You should go back to your doctor and get the right prescription.
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