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What about those of us are open to changing ourselves and have tried our hardest by either focusing or not focusing on that change. I've been both people, the guy who moved on with his DP/DR and adjusted to his lower level of consciousness and tried to forget DP/DR. In fact there were many days/months/years when I completely blocked out the idea of a previously more full me (for the record this forgetfullness/blocking did not alleviate the emotional turmoil I lived through).

NOw I'm in a cycle of healing - trying to face my problems head on. Perhaps I've dialed up my attack on DP/DR too much and end up obsessing about the healing process? Maybe for me it is a completely chemical imbalance? Psychological approaches have me sceptical because I believe that my will is strong. I am also one of the sufferers that can't trace my switch-over to an event or a traumatic period so this underscores my belief that its going to take some miracle drug cocktail to fix me.

I find myself, in the post trying to convey an unsolveable puzzle. Perhaps some sort of expression of frustration in the difficulty of regaining full ego/reality? I haven't even found out why there is a riddle. Without that, how can I solve it? Perhaps I'm being too obtuse?
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