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Putting all of my hope into Adderall or Vyvanse

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I've read some anecdotal reports on dopaminergic stimulants and the effects it has on dpdr. It seems to work well for a lot of people. Yesterday I got some great news that could help finally end my dpdr. I've been unemployed 1.5 years now due to this crippling condition, but I just got a job offer to work a shipping/receiving job for $20/h! Coming back to the emotional world is not so painful anymore. I still have a my past to deal with though. Unfortunately there's no way I could work while DPed, so I told him I could only start after the 18th which is when I have my psychiatrist appointment. He said it was fine.

There is a problem though. I agreed to the job thinking/hoping that Adderall would end my dp, and that my personality would come back. But, if it doesn't work I'm kind of screwed. I'm planning on trying hypnotherapy on the 19th if a spot is available. If adderall can get me into my window of tolerance, I may be able to process negative emotions/trauma which could create a lasting change in me. I could also call the crisis line as well, just to talk to someone and vent.

What do you guys think?
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do you know which medicine can return you being in a body? please advice
what about benzos like clonopine, will they help to be in body?
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