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Why does another human being's image replace mine...the obsession over every facet of his existence...his face invading, smiling, mocking me. Dripping blue, black spilling from his mouth. Silky, long hair draped over my head. MMP vs. GW...the constant excruciating fight to be myself against what I feel to be a demonic obsession. A devil's lie which wants me suffering until eradicated. A sickness infecting and manipulating the character of nearly all existing things for the express purpose of tormenting me. Numbers, colors, sounds. And now the morbid dreams so vivid, heinous, horrific and evil, they can only be curses from a malevolent entity . Nothing alleviates the pain. This is more than OCD. DP to an extreme. Schizophrenic, possibly. A thing relatively unrelatable and seemingly unique to myself CONSUMES me right now. God, what a dark feeling being in these forums again. Someone out there?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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