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Hi I have OCD and the pure o type also both types are terrible
With pure o the only thing that I've read that stops it is by not doing the checking , mental compulsions ect
So the best way at looking at it Treatment wise is
1. It's ok to have the thought or thoughts
It's ok to have the thought go around and around in your head BUT ????
Dont do the compulsion
If you dont do the compulsion the obsessive thoughts will stop .

When I get a pure o flare up I obsessively check online about the thing that I'm obsessing about non stop internet searching and I've learned that it's this that puts fire on the pure o keeps it burning.

I hate OCD it's worse then depersonalization or derealization .

SSRI are good for bad severe OCD luvox stopped the pure o in 2008 when I was hospitalized from severe OCD pure o , however I was 300mg of luvox fo huge dose rate but it saved my life at the time .

Sometimes telling your self that you dont give a shit weather your pure o thoughts are true ,, helps believe it or not say fuck you OCD...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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