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So i saw a psychologist for the first time today to discuss my symptoms of OCD and bipolar, plus intense derealization and delusions... and he was very patronizing and made way too many simplifications

This has been two straight years now of sitting alone in my room, in the dark, obsessing over "aligning" my internal world correctly and finding symmetry in my thoughts, two years of feeling like I'm in a hazy dream, and extremely intense delusions - e.g. I think my cat is going to send me a message, a man is going to show up and give me 1 billion dollars, googling random people I think are "spirits" and asking them for advice to get to heaven, etc

It's also been 2 years of arbitrary mood shifts, feeling like I'm on morphine one minute, feeling ready to put a bullet in my brain the next. My daily life is a cycle of sitting in a dark room for hours, fantasizing endlessly, obsessing over "symmetry", extreme mood swings, feeling like I'm in a dream, oftentimes feeling ready to kill myself or someone else at a moment's notice (although I didn't tell him this)

I described all of my mental health symptoms to him, and explained what initially triggered them (almost being strangled to death and run over by my ex gf), and he totally downplayed it all, said I wasn't psychotic because I "knew the delusions weren't real", and said I probably just had a mild mood disorder

And as far as simplifications go, he said my delusions of cats speaking to me/strangers being "angels" were just me "feeling sad and hoping for good things", I mean what the fuck man? I literally think my cat is an angel sending me messages from God and that's the response I get?

I spend two years in a room obsessing over mental alignment and symmetry, feeling like I'm in a dream (thinking I'm the only conscious person alive), imagining people on TV have secrets to tell me, and this is the response I get when I speak up about it?

"Oh, you just seem like you have a mild mood disorder, you're just hoping for good things to happen, no big deal"

I mean what the fuck? My doctor was far more concerned than this guy so I'm a bit uncertain what to do here, he's simplifying my problems way too much and I'm kinda pissed off. Should I see someone else or am I going overboard here?

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It sounds like you've had a pretty hard and frightening time over the past couple of years, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

It sounds as if you're feeling invalidated because you feel your mental health issues are being oversimplified, but mental health problems that are relatively well understood are incredibly hard, and most mental healthcare providers do have a grasp of this.

That said, it is the case that some psychologists have a better bedside manner than others, and you might find that you just don't gel particularly well with some of them -- I have certainly had this experience.

In any case, if you are or were having urges to hurt yourself, or others, that is something that I would strongly urge you to discuss with someone, even if it isn't your current psychologist.

Hope this post finds you well :)
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