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Psychological thoughts instead of existential?

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Hello there

Looking for a bit of reassurance and maybe someone who can relate.

I’ve had DP/DR in the past for around 1 year previously and fully recovered from it for nearly 3 years. It was the worst year in my life but I believe the experience taught me a lot about the condition and I looked forward to never having to experience that shit again.
Recently, after 3 years of recovery, i‘ve had a relapse of the condition due to my life circumstances. It was my own fault for putting myself in the circumstances that mimicked the exact same ones from my past dealings with it(social isolation and general laziness)

Despite having suffered from it for so long in the past, this feels like a completely new ordeal. I have many of the exact same symptoms but the thoughts and obsessions seem different. I know existential obsessions are the norm, but does anybody else experience more psychological obsessive thoughts?

Like i keep thinking about how thoughts work and how creative thinking works. How does logic work and how much alike are we humans really??? I can spend hours thinking about this, making hypothesis and theories in my head on how these things work. I might get temporary relief after making up a theory i feel is satisfactory, but after a little while i start challenging my own theory, often finding that it dosent work in all scenarios and then i start all over again.

I know i do not need to be thinking about these things. Its not my job to figure these things out and i dont even think scientists and scholars have these things completely figured out, so how the hell am i supposed to do it? I’m afraid of telling people im doing this in my head cause they might think i‘m loosing my mind, which is my worst fear.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need somebody to chat with.
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Hi, you replied to my post so I thought I’d pass on advice to you, I wanted to recommend
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a book that I read that helps on these matters, having ocd myself I know how the game goes no matter what the topic is so I read a book called “needing to know for sure” it’s for us ocd types. As with everything I read these days, I take whatever I can relate to and leave out the rest. It does have some good points and overall I think it’s worth recommending.
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Yes it is focused primarily on the ocd. After reading your post and your worries, it seems some of the advice would definitely be directed to what you face. If I could send the book to you for free I would but I don’t know if that’s possible. You can go to kindle and download a sample if you wish and if you think you may benefit then you could buy it 🙂
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