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After 3 years of disbelief in psychiatrist i met someone who i could finally admire. In one hour of concentration he had analyzed my problem fantastically and made me feel okay.
The problem is I met him on a holiday trip and that he mentioned he doesn't take friends or people he knows as patients.
I really want to go, what do i do?

I had 7 good straight days in a row for the first time of my life and then i went to my psychiatrist and he sayed that i should think possitively and stuff like that like he always does and i left feeling worse.

some days later now i am in the shit hole again. feeling really bad.

Some are really really useless....

I waited 4 months to see a Psychologist, once i eventually got in there within 40 minutes she diagnosed my DP was a result of a build up of stress (which i agree with) but didnt seem to have much knowledge of dissociation at all, gave me some info on stress and the psyhological/physical changes it can bring and sent me on my way. No offer of counselling, or therapies, no aftercare. Nothing. For a person suffering with DP you feel very alone and isolated, which i think makes it worse. It wouldve been nice if she'd sent me to therapy but it was her thought that, DP is a result of and increase of your attention and focus so she thought concentrating too much would make it worse.
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