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Which one is the one I need to see...I am looking up new doctors to go see and don't know which kind to pick?

Is it Psychiatrist or Psychologist? Please let me know before I start making calls. Thanks!


Kelson i will break it down for you cuzzin

Psychiatrist is basically like a doctor except he can perscribe Medication such as Anti Depressants, Benzo's and Anti Psychotics etc.... Most psychiatrists nowadays don't do therapy. Most of them you will see for like 15 minutes maybe once a month. I currently have a great psychiarist, BUT UNFORTUNATLY HES FUCKIN LEAVING! TO GO BE A PROFESSOR FULL TIME AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY. So I dunno who im gonna be seeing now. I usually see him maybe every two months for half an hour to 40 minutes. But now thats gonna end and i dunno what im going to do in terms of getting another one.

A Therapist/Psychologist is the person who does the actual therapy, like CBT and things of that nature. You usually see him/her on a more regular basis and they try to help you out with your problems. They can't perscribe medication but they do the actual therapy. I see one every few weeks but im not sure what to do. Im probably gonna make a post sometime soon on a few issues I have since i haven't made a post in a long time.

Hope that helped

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