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Just wondering.... Paxil makes me tired and slow motion. I hate to feel tired. Does Prozac makes people too jittery? Can it help to be more connected, lucid?

I taper off Paxil now, that is why I wonder.

I know Prozac, according to DP units, doesn't help for dp/dr. But I wonder..

I feel tired and DP/DR, other times without meds I feel tired anyway, scared and dp/dr.

That is why I ask which med can help most. I thought of Anafranil because it suppoed to help with anxiety. But I would like so much to have energy, and seriously, I have 0.

Thanks for your Prozac comments.

C xxx

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I know it's been said before, but again, it all really depends on the person - especially with something so unusal as DP.

It certainly could help, and it is possible that it'll have less negative side-effects than Paxil had for you. But you'll never know for sure unless you try it, I suppose.
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