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Hey all,

Just wanted to say a few things. First of all, the modteam including myself do not own this forum. In short a company called VerticalScope bought this forum from previous owners. The modteam are volunteers that care about the well being of this forum and it's members.

The forum in truth belongs to those who suffer and endure this hell called Depersonalization/Derealization and related Dissociation Disorders. VS may be collecting advertisement revenue, but that's it. They have no involvement in moderation of DPSH.

What I really made this thread about is to say I'm proud of you all for being of great support to each other. When I joined the forum in 2009, I felt finally validated that there were others going through the same things as myself. I did also feel sad that there are people out there in the world that do have DP/DR. But connection with others with DP/DR made me feel somewhat human again, being not alone.

Having a community full of people to relate to, who understand and give help is invaluable. Sometimes that's all somebody needs. I've seen many people come and go over the years, but the core values of the forum have not changed. Sure there were times when trolls roamed free with no moderation whatsoever from other modteams, but there has always been that we have something in common and seek peace from DP/DR. I'm not here to say it's hard to watch over DPSH and make sure things run smoothly. Mostly for the last year or so, the mods here have just been keeping the forum free from spam.

The rest is up to you, the members, including myself and the others on the modteam, after all we are members with DP/DR too. This is YOUR space. And I'm happy to see it in such a great shape where not a single thread goes unanswered by people like yourself. Thank you all for being kind, understanding, reasonable and helpful to new and old members alike. Cheers!
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