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is this medicine any goog for dp/dr?
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I am trying to come off propanolol from an initial high dose as it gave me very vivid realistic dreams. I am told you have to withdraw gradually as abrupt withdrawal will lead to possible heart failure and stroke.

Anyone any experience withdrawing from this drug?
i was on this for a while cause my doctor was reluctant to prescribe me anything harder. i found it had a very mild sedating effect but did nothing for dp/dr and like others here i have read it is more for the physcial symptoms of anxiety like profuse sweating,etc. probably good to take before a big speech or sumthing lol. btw DONT take at nite, it will giv u weird fucked up vivid dreams (if u dont get this already from d/p lol)
i am not a doctor and i am unsure about high doses, but i think the physical withdrawal risks are more relevant to people who take this drug for other medical conditions related to the heart eg, angina and stuff like that, i think this is actually the primary use for the drug.
When my DP first started I felt constantly panicky for two weeks. I was literally shaking all the time and nearly passed out a couple of times at school. Taking Propanolol stopped my panic attacks, but I've stopped taking it recently as it does absolutely nothing to stop DP. If anything it made me feel more spaced out - my doctor told me to take three a day but taking any more than one made me feel totally out of it.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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