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So, prom was on Friday. I guess it should've been fun. Promenade was probably the best part because I got to show off. Hah. Then it started raining, so we couldn't get pictures. Once I got to prom it felt like I sat down and then got back up to leave an hour later. And not in the good way. I think I had a little dp moment, there. But, it wasn't all bad. The after party was pretty fun, too, even if we didn't do much. We sat by a fire and walked to the cemetary where we got scared by a friend. Aha, that was interesting.
My dress caused me some pain. It was taken in to be really tight and when it got zipped up, it got some skin. Funnn.
Here's a picture before promenade:

In other news, still trying to get rid of dp.

Also, sorry for talking about stupid shit which hardly relates to dp. I can't help but blog when I'm bored and it's not fun for me to talk about dp, even if it should be the main topic on a site like this.
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