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progress ?

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I feel like I’m on my way to recovery but not quite there yet. A big improvement I’ve noticed is that things have stopped being 2D and more 3D,it’s kind of like I can feel my weight rn. I still feel very weird about my surroundings and I keep on having thoughts like “oh my god why do we live in houses,why do we eat food” blah blah but I don’t get that gut wrenching feeling anymore.They are just uncomfortable thoughts but I don’t particularly panic as I used to. And yet I still feel like being a human is very weird. Am I on the right track or am I being delirious?
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You're going to be fine. The worst is over.

It will take time, you'll have setbacks, but eventually you'll get better.

In my case what helped me was seeing that regardless of how strange my thoughts were and how weird I felt in the inside, reality didn't collapse, on the contrary the world outside kept going on according to the same logic and rules as always, and not only that, I somehow managed to keep going along with it.

Just try to live your life day by day. Don't try to figure it out in your head, you're wasting your time. Eventually all those thoughts will lose their edge (as you say you're starting to notice) and some day you'll be surprised that you found them so terrifying.
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